Lady Pancake Book Trailer Premiere!

Very exciting news! I had the fortunate pleasure of sharing the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast book trailer on Mr. Schu‘s Watch. Connect. Read. site yesterday. You can see the entire post here:


It was great fun making the trailer. I wrote, arranged, and recorded the song entirely using an app on my phone. No fancy microphones, studios, or four-track recorders for me! To make the video, I did need a computer, but the images are all from the fabulous Brendan Kearney. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

And if you’re not familiar with Mr. Schu, you’re missing out. Follow this exemplary librarian – he is the ultimate kidlit mover & shaker.

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast is available for pre-order now and will be served in bookstores and libraries on September 1!

My First Review: May the Syrup Be Ever in Your Flavor!

The last several years have been filled with firsts … and there are certainly more on the way. But my first official review for LADY PANCAKE & SIR FRENCH TOAST appeared today on the Kirkus website. I’ve pasted the review below, but you can see it in its entirety here.

Brace yourself for descriptions of acrobatic rhymes, trippy wonders, illustrations that kick butter, and a comparison to the Hunger Games! (not a joke – I definitely didn’t see that one coming)


I hope you enjoy digging in to the book as much as this Kirkus reviewer did!

Cover Reveal for Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast

It’s a mere 176 days until LADY PANCAKE & SIR FRENCH TOAST is released (who’s counting?), but today I can share with you the cover:

Lady Pancake Cover Image (2)

In addition, Margie Myers-Culver interviewed both me and Brendan Kearney, the book’s illustrator. It’s my first interview ever! Don’t miss it! And I’d like to thank all the folks at Sterling Publishing for all their hard work and support! I love the cover! What do you think?

In addition, you can now pre-order the book from indiebound and other retailers, if you’d like (more info at my website

My Official Picture Book Idea Month Post Is Now Available!

Just a quick note to the four of you who read my blog. My Official PiBoIdMo post is up at Tara Lazar’s website. I even snuck in two new previously unreleased sketches from Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast (by illustrator Brendan Kearney). Or is it sneaked? Is snuck even a word? It has that dastardly red jagged line underneath it! The word snuck/sneaked definitely causes problems for a rhymer.


Also, I’m giving away FIVE signed books from my critique family over at my post: THE RAINDROP WHO COULDN’T FALL by Kirsti Call, REX WRECKS IT! by Ben Clanton, MONSTER NEEDS A CHRISTMAS TREE by Paul Czajak, RUTH THE SLEUTH AND THE MESSY ROOM by Carol Gordon Ekster, and ESTHER’S HANUKKAH DISASTER by Jane Sutton.

Happy PiBoIdMo Day #12.

Exclusive Sketches of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

I am thrilled to announce that Brendan Kearney will be illustrating LADY PANCAKE AND SIR FRENCH TOAST, which is scheduled to be my debut picture book released in October of 2015 by Sterling.

You can get a taste of his style on his website and his blog and his Facebook page and on Twitter. Brendan’s deal with Sterling was done by his agent Mark Mills of Plum Pudding.

I’m also (wait, let me go look up a thrilled at both elated and atingle to share with you, my four readers, two EXCLUSIVE character sketches:

Lady Pancake Sketch Sir French Toast Sketch

I can’t say Brendan’s illustrations are exactly what I had in mind when I thought up the world of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast – because they are sooooo much better than I ever imagined. His illustrations kick butter! (I debated whether I should go with kick asparagus, but I thought butter was safer for the picture book world).

Brendan recently released his own debut picture book / activity kit called THE FLYING MACHINE KIT.

Flying Machine Kit

Can’t wait to share the whole book with you! More to come!