Pirasaurs! Cover Reveal

Big news today! My 2nd book, Pirasaurs! now has a cover! Amazingly illustrated by the immensely talented Michael Slack, Pirasaurs! will be published by Scholastic on August 30, 2016.

And even better news, librarian Travis Jonker is graciously hosting the reveal at his School Library Journal blog 100 Scope Notes (if you aren’t already following Travis’s blog, you really Must – with a capital M).

So head over, check it out, share with the world, and mark your calendars for August 30th. RAWRGH!!!

Two for You

(two books I recommend you read)

1. Circus Ship written & illustrated by Chris Van Dusen
 2. Faraway Friends written & illustrated by Russ Cox

6 thoughts on “Pirasaurs! Cover Reveal

  1. Fantastic artwork to go with your fantabulously fun-to-read story. I expect the kids will be acting it out, too, before very long!
    Josh, I can see why you’d want a tee shirt with that “special” skull and crossbones on it …
    Great SWAG!!!!


  2. Congratulations, Josh! I was at one of our local libraries recently, collecting lots and lots of mentor PBs to study and the librarian said, “Have you read Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast? It’s my absolute favorite!” Well, of course, I’ve read it I told her! And when I said I had met you and been in writing workshops with you a couple of times she just about fell off her chair – totally star stricken by association. It was awesome! Keep it up, Josh.


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