The 2015 Nerdies

I’ve got stellar news! Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast was announced as a Fiction Picture Book Winner of the 2015 Nerdy Book Club Awards (or Nerdies). What are the Nerdies? According to Donalyn Miller, co-founder of the Nerdy Book Club:

The Nerdy Book Club began as a book award blog. Dismayed that so many books our students (and we) loved to read were overlooked during book award season, Colby [Sharp, Nerdy Book Club co-founder] and I created a people’s choice award for children’s and young adult book lovers. While the blog has expanded beyond our original dreams for it, we still host the Nerdy Book Club Awards, or Nerdies, every December. The award finalists exemplify the best children’s and young adult books for the current year—as nominated by the readers of Nerdy Book Club blog readers. Imagine an up-to-date bookshelf of engaging, high-quality titles hand-picked by savvy librarians and teachers who read and celebrate children’s books.


I’m truly honored (and rather overjoyed) that Lady Pancake is listed among these fantastic books (several of which I’ve shared in my Two for You’s). I think it’s safe to say I speak on behalf of the publisher, Sterling Children’s, and illustrator Brendan Kearney when I say I’d like to thank all the educators, students, parents, readers, and nerds who voted. I’m extremely pleased that Lady Pancake has been able to reach so many classrooms, libraries, and readers.

And also, a big thank you to the Nerdy Book Club.

You can read the entire list of Fiction Picture Book winners of the 2015 Nerdies here (and if you aren’t familiar with the Nerdy Book Club, you’ve got over 1,000 fabulous posts to catch up on).


Two for You

(two books I recommend you read – Nerdies style)

1. To the Sea written & illustrated by Cale Atkinson

to the sea

2. Wolfie the Bunny written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora


6 thoughts on “The 2015 Nerdies

  1. Big congrats to you! It is in these postings that I am encouraged to keep moving forward with that which I bring to the literary world. Happy 2016 and beyond!!


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