Exclusive Sketches of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

I am thrilled to announce that Brendan Kearney will be illustrating LADY PANCAKE AND SIR FRENCH TOAST, which is scheduled to be my debut picture book released in October of 2015 by Sterling.

You can get a taste of his style on his website and his blog and his Facebook page and on Twitter. Brendan’s deal with Sterling was done by his agent Mark Mills of Plum Pudding.

I’m also (wait, let me go look up a thrilled at thesaurus.com) both elated and atingle to share with you, my four readers, two EXCLUSIVE character sketches:

Lady Pancake Sketch Sir French Toast Sketch

I can’t say Brendan’s illustrations are exactly what I had in mind when I thought up the world of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast – because they are sooooo much better than I ever imagined. His illustrations kick butter! (I debated whether I should go with kick asparagus, but I thought butter was safer for the picture book world).

Brendan recently released his own debut picture book / activity kit called THE FLYING MACHINE KIT.

Flying Machine Kit

Can’t wait to share the whole book with you! More to come!

13 thoughts on “Exclusive Sketches of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

  1. It certainly was syrup-titious that you were matched with such a fabulous illustrator. (Sorry, I’ve been dying to use that pun.) Love the sketches and can’t wait to see the book!


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