Banned Books Week

A few weeks ago, my editor at Penguin sent an email to her authors (yes, I’m one of her authors, how cool is that?!?). She forwarded some information from her marketing team and asked us (her authors) to post our feelings about banned books week. So I decided to make this video:

Apparently I need to do a better read job reading emails all the way through. Here is what the email said (now that I read past the part where I was considered one of her authors):

Banned Books Week is September 21-27 this year. Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read without censorship organized by the American Library Association. During Banned Books Week, Penguin USA, Penguin Teen, and Penguin Kids will be engaging in the conversation around anti-censorship and the freedom to read, and we would like to invite all of our PYRG authors and illustrators to take to their social channels to support this cause.

As Penguin encouraged me, I know encourage you (all three of my readers) to join the conversation and support the cause. Share reasons why you support Banned Books Week on your social channels. Participate in one or both of the official #BannedBooksWeek Twitter chats being run by ALA. These are scheduled for Monday 9/23 from 10-noon EST and Wed 9/25 from noon –2pm EST.

And be sure to use the tag #BannedBooksWeek.


What’s your favorite Banned Book? What’s your favorite Band Book?

6 thoughts on “Banned Books Week

  1. Reading is sooo overrated. Thank goodness you made a video to help me avoid reading. πŸ˜„ Great job on the video and don’t worry about reading emails or sarcastic comments from your fans!


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