Flog Blop

Just kidding! It’s a blog hop! (I’m a rhymer). Thanks to my crit buddy, lofter pal, and splendid author Nancy Tupper Ling for tagging me. I’m gonna answer four questions (just like Nancy answered) about my writing process. Check out Nancy’s Flog Bop entry here.

What am I currently working on?

Boring! Instead of answering this question, I’m going to tell you what I’m currently working on. Lately I’ve been working on more picture books (rhyming? of course! you wouldn’t want it any other way). As always, I’m in the contemplative stages of some things that might not rhyme or might not be picture books. Maybe I’ll start my own blog hop (oh, wait, I already did that). Oh, also, I’m working on my ability to fly underwater. It’s not going well.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Differ. Differ? Differ??? Have you ever noticed that if you say a word over and over again out loud it starts to lose all meaning? I find when this happens it’s best to use a dictionary to explain the word. According to dictionary.com, differ has three definitions, so I’ll go with the third one: “to dispute or quarrel” (what does it mean when it says ‘obsolete’ before the definition? presumably, there is no place I can look that up). So how does my work quarrel with others? That question makes no sense. I refuse to answer nonsensical questions! NEXT!!!

Why do I write what I write?

One of my goals is that I hope that my picture books appeal to both children and adults. Not that this would make them totally unique – there are LOADS of picture books that I enjoy – but there are enough that my many many many kids might like that I’d rather not spend my time reading. I’d like to think that children will want their parents to read my books over and over (and dare I say over) again … and the parents gladly do just that after every request.

[do you think anyone will notice that I copied this answer from the last time I participated in this blog hop? They probably will now that I typed it here inside these brackets]

How does my individual writing process work?

Oooh, the last time I answered this question it was “How does my writing process work?” I like the new word. Individual. Perhaps this picture will explain it:


Well, I hope you’ve learned a lot about my writing process and I’ve answered all of your questions satisfactorily. Satisfactorily. Satisfactorily. Thanks for visiting! And thanks for passing this along, Nancy!



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