Getting Ready for a Conference (One Year Later)

Exactly a year ago (to the minute – yes, I timed the publishing of this post), I posted about getting ready for the 2013 NESCBWI Conference. I listed the following goals:

Necessary I have fun and learn more about how to become a better writer.
Realistic I network well with other authors and find some with whom I can work with in a critique group of some sort.
Hopeful I network well with editors or agents and have something non-form to say when querying them at a later date.
Dreamlike An editor or agent likes my work enough to offer me some sort of deal or says they’d like to see more and take it back to their publishing house/agency.
Impossible An editor loves my work and wants to sign me to a multi-book contract for millions of dollars.

What were the results? I very successfully achieved the Necessary and the Realistic.

And while it didn’t happen that weekend, starting at that conference and over the last 365 days I’ve landed somewhere between the Dreamlike and the Impossible.* (And to be honest with you, my two loyal readers, it really feels that way)

Dreamlike and Impossible

So what are my goals this year? I think I’m going to limit myself to only the Necessary and the Realistic. The same goals I was able to achieve last year. Because that led me here.

Plus, I have a LOT to learn in order to become a better writer (and I’m also looking forward to some fun).


See you in Springfield!


* Note: I have multiple editors that like my work enough to offer me one-book contracts, none of which are for millions of dollars.

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Conference (One Year Later)

  1. I normally focus on ONE THING. (Yes, I take advice from City Slickers.) I know that if I focus on that ONE THING that will help my writing get to the next level, then I know what workshop I can skip if I’m exhausted, or when is an opportune time for a break, alone in my room. I think break-planning is just as essential as plugging in during other times! (But, hey, I’m an introvert!) Can’t wait for next Thursday!!


    1. If I had to pick one thing, it would be tough to decide between having fun and learning. I’d probably choose fun.

      But isn’t it hard to be alone in your room if there are 12 people sharing it with you?


  2. I meant one learning thing. Like, how to revise, or something. Or dialogue. Some achilles heel of mine (those were past things that I focused on, and now don’t feel that they are weaknesses for me anymore.)

    I think having fun and socializing is always a big piece of my plan. I was upgraded to a suite, so there’s EVEN MORE ROOM for people to crash. 🙂 It’s always a circus in my room, and I’m happier for it!


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