Bigger Reveal: Josh Funk is …

… now represented by an actual, non-imaginary, literary agent. Through a series of mistaken identities and semi-unintentional distorted truths, I have managed to coerce convince Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency to represent my efforts to become a published picture book author.

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency Logo

Stepping out of my sarcastic, self-deprecating shell for a paragraph or so, I would very much like to thank Kathleen for taking me on as a client. I also want to thank all of the literary (and non-literary) friends who’ve supported me getting this far (but remember, I’m only on step 17 of 25 on how to get traditionally published according to Delilah S. Dawson).

Fine. I’ll step out of my sarcastic shell.

I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kathleen. The best part is that I think she really ‘gets’ my writing. So let us all wish Kathleen the best of luck – ’cause now it’s her job to work with me

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