So, I don’t really have anything to blog about. Then why I am I writing a post, you ask? I don’t have an answer. Maybe one will come to me before I hit the Publish Button button.

Maybe I have nothing to post about. Maybe I’ve done nothing ‘blog-worthy’ since I last posted (on August 12th?).

Maybe I traveled through time and jumped from August 12th to September 23rd?

Maybe I’ve run out of sarcastic things to say? Or maybe I’m pouring my sarcasm down the avenues of Facebook, twitter, and my writing?

Maybe all of my computers and phones and pads have been broken.

Maybe I’ve partaken in so many exciting events that I simply haven’t had any time to blog about it? Maybe I’ve been book launches, craft chats, and critiquering groups.Maybe I was in a coma, suffered while on a jungle safari.

Maybe I’ve been so busy submitting manuscripts to agents and editors.

Maybe I’ve become so glum and depressed collecting rejections and the absence of rejections from said agents and editors.

Maybe I don’t need a reason. I just didn’t.

Or maybe …

5 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. Maybe the cable news organizations have finnally stoped reporting speculation and started to broadcast quality news and you didn’t have time due to watching said news. Ok that’s just crazy, you most likely time traveled.


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