The Writers’ Loft Experience

So, my first trip to the writers’ loft was pretty successful and fun. I got to hang out with adults who also like writing for kids. Plus, I got to have one of my manuscripts critiqued by two talented new critiquerers (one lady & one dude). It’s always fun to have new people read and critique my work, because the new perspective often gives me new ideas of what direction to take my manuscripts.

See, I have this problem where I sometimes write picture books that have a bunch of (I think) funny things that happen, that would crack me up with the right (or any) illustrator. But I occasionally (very rarely, of course)  have trouble fitting that funny stuff into a plot (I know, I know, story and plot come first … but sometimes funny images get in the way). Dude critiquer gave me an idea (that still needs fleshing out), but may frame a plot around this funny stuff.

Lady critiquer wasn’t a total Papa J Funk newbie (she’d heard me read one of my manuscripts). Dude critiquer also brought along his own manuscript which was pretty awesome. I had a hard time find things wrong with it that needed to be fixed. Dude read it aloud to us (no paper copies) and I got shivers down my spine at the end (probably 6 intervertebral discs – there are 23, in case you were wondering). Unfortunately, it was ~600 words, so it’ll never be published. That’s waaaaaaaaaay too long.

And there was free pizza.

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