Heading to the Loft Tonight

So, there’s this writer’s loft place that’s sort of near where I live with my multitude of children (and Mama Funk, of course) that I recently heard about. It’s supposed to be pretty cool (they might even have air conditioning). I’m going to check it out tonight and try to get some writing done. I might even be willing to share one of my manuscripts if anyone is interested in reading them. If you didn’t already know, they are written in rhyme. AWESOME RHYME! (sorry, caps lock was on).

I should mention that this writer’s loft was sure born recently. My buddy Nate explained to me that it’s pretty close to him. I might as well sleep on the way there, though. Now this is just getting weird.

See you tonight. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Heading to the Loft Tonight

  1. Hmm. I don’t even know what to do with this post. 🙂 Tell you to bring Nate? Is he real, or a figment? A character in your book? Am I missing the joke?

    Glad you are coming. Bring Nate.


  2. I am attempting to surreptitiously describe the clandestine location of this ‘writer’s loft’ by hinting at towns that may (or may not) be near it. Let’s ink towns that I may live in, for a start.

    Or maybe I need more coffee.

    Or maybe you could just check my blogroll.


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