My First Book Signing Friend

So, last night I attended to a book signing, and it was super fun. It wasn’t my book, and I wasn’t doing the signing. It was a new friend’s book (one I met at last weekend’s conference). I went with a subset of my many many children and we all had a blast. In attendance were several other new friends from the conference and they were all still very friendy (not a typo). The author was great with all the kids, and the book we took home is being shared at school today, along with the experience. Not my school. I don’t have a school. The kids’s’ school. Or schools.

It’s getting hard to stay vague and anonymous.


5 thoughts on “My First Book Signing Friend

  1. Being vague and anonymous is over-rated. šŸ™‚ I find this post pretty darn funny. At some point you will want to go in the other directions and Want To Make A Name For Yourself. I feel weirdly like a secret agent that I can fill in some of the True Facts in your above post. I could dig being a secret agent. So thanks. My Little C is on page 81 of The Book Which Must Not Be Named. We should get the Cs together sometime. Do a family thing at That Place.


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