Getting Ready for a Conference

I’m heading to a conference next weekend and I’m very excited about it. Here are my goals from most outlandish to realistic:

  • (Impossible) An editor loves my work and wants to sign me to a multi-book contract for millions of dollars.
  • (Dreamlike) An editor or agent likes my work enough to offer me some sort of deal or says they’d like to see more and take it back to their publishing house/agency.
  • (Hopeful) I network well with editors or agents and have something non-form to say when querying them at a later date.
  • (Realistic) I network well with other authors and find some with whom I can work with in a critique group of some sort.
  • (Necessary) I have fun and learn more about how to become a better writer.

I say necessary because if I can’t do that, that the conference was a waste of my time. I sincerely doubt it will be.


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